HD Sprite Sheet

Admittedly, these animations are pretty ruff. And normally I say if you aren’t going to do your best don’t do it at all. In this case – I don’t have time to do my best. Carlos M Icaza from Ansca Mobile is asking for people to submit HD sprite sheets and he is offering a years worth of the Corona to whoever creates the sprites he uses. I decided to do a quick entry for a few reasons.

  • I was planning on purchasing a years worth of Corona in a week or two.
  • I had some animations and characters sitting around already.
  • I will benefit from any sprite sheet  improvements put into Corona.
  • While these are not the best they seem like they are on a similar level to the sheets that came packaged with Corona

One Comment on “HD Sprite Sheet”

  1. […] Credit for the sprite sheet in the picture goes to 10firstgame’s wordpress blog. […]

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